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Watermeloons Swimming Suit #1

When Dąbrówka came to me with Watermeloons idea, I didn’t quite believe this opportunity- swimwear for all bodies, bra fitting type of swimwear, with unique wide sizing. My dream challenge! Surely I jumped to the bandwagon.

Model no 1 is where we first started our collaboration. Goal was to create comfortable, high quality one piece swimming costume, for sportswomen of all sizes. Inside is a wired full cup bra construction keeping breasts in place, power net lining, to ensure bodysuit won’t bulge when in water, wide straps and 3 level hook&eye closure for all sizes. Bottom part is shaped like for ballet dancers, to ensure full coverage all times.

Watermeloons launched with 12 cup sizes, 15 body sizes, and opportunity for personalized sizing, not to mention band sizing up to GB52. As we are still collaborating, I have already graded that up to 18cup sizes and 19 body sizes- whatever your body needs, Watermeloons have you covered.

I participate in that project in many roles, as a pattern maker, bra fitter, technologist, graded and sewn prototypes. It was pure joy.

All photos courtesy of

Models on the photos wear 36JJ, 34H, 46F GB bra sizes
Costumes on photos were sewn by my favorite tailor with splendid attention to detail- Aleksandra Przygodzka

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