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Classical Tutu for Ballerina’s graduation show

Design / Making

This is costume for girl’s classical diploma performance. She danced to „La Bayadere” variation. I sewed it while working in “Pracownia Kostiumów I Dekoracji Scenicznych Grażyna Bittner” and will always be gratefull for this opportunity.

Classic plate tutu skirt is made from 7 layers of stiff tulle, each layer pleated manually, one pleat at a time, sewn to the corset and formed with hand sewing. There is no hoop inside. Layers are not table straight, more like bell shaped, for softer look and more coverage.

Closure is hooks and eyes placed alternately, for stronger support.

There is gold tape sewn in décolletage, to strengthen it an make sure it won’t stretch. Pants underneath are lycra with tiny frills sewn all over them, to make them visually disappear from stage

Corset is twelve panels, satin strengthen with glued stiff support, fitted tightly. Front is covered with opaque nude fabric instead of mesh insert, for more support as the dancer had bigger chest then usual.

Lace is hand sewn, hand painted with gold paints and glitter, stoned with rainbow stones, to achieve wonderful shine from the stage.

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