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Classical plate shape tutu variation

Part of my Master’s degree (September 2020) - costumes for „Fankenstein - New Prometeus” by Mary Shelley. This tutu was made for character Elisabeth Lavenza, fiancee of Victor Frankenstein- it symbolizes her life after Victor’s madness took him. When he comes back from university, clearly distressed, tragedy is soon to come.

This tutu is inspired by traditional ballet plate tutu shape. I used traditional craft techniques of pleating and forming the tulle, but instead of around high hips, skirt is open, going down to the leg openings of shorts. Plate is also very wide, it goes 50cm away from the body. Top is hand painted in jewel tones and latex cover up is added, for enhanced proportions.

Since covid didn’t allow performances at the time, I sent costumes to as many photoshoots as possible, to give them life in another way.

Thank you to the people who helped me:
Photo: Beata Orcholska, Dancers: Maria Jurga, Filip Balcerzak, Stage: Teatr Cortique
Photo: Joanna Prokopczyk, Model: Sylwia Bajera
Photo: Stylist: Dancer: Make up

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