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Fashion design

I can create you a mood board, final designs and colour palettes according to your ideas and prepare them in a form recognized by industry standards.

We will discuss practical wearability and help you on the beginning of your dream brand. 


It works like this: First you send me an email, with a few pictures, pinterest board or some sketches, basically whatever you’ve got at this point is enough to start, don’t be shy. We come up with a date, and meet for a video call, where we discuss what you need. After that I prepare discussed files, according to our chat and send them to you.

Pattern MAKING

I make lingerie (bras, corselets, bodysuits), corsetry, everyday womenswear (both woven and knitted fabrics), swimwear, sportswear, of all sizes. I offer files in industry standard . dxf, or .dxf/.rul formats, as well as .pdf. All of your patterns are exclusively yours, never to be repeated for any other clients.

After we make an understanding on what kind of garment do you want, I make pattern for you, with your available fit model in mind. I sample in any size needed, no limits. 

Later on, either my atelier, or your inhouse/local sewist sew-test the pattern. We meet for a fitting online, where we check the fit together, and decide what changes need to be made, like lengthen too short straps, different pocket placement and such. Repeat if needed.


I believe in body inclusivity and enjoy jobs where I have the possibility to work with less popular sizes. Everybody deserves a comfortable fit, and it is my current goal to implement wide size ranges.

I could create your plus size line from scratch, or adjust your existing patterns and grade them accordingly. Biggest I got so far was up to 95N EU (42JJ UK) bra size and 68 EU (36 UK) dress size.


Available for my pattern making services- my atelier sew your garment, and send it to you by postal service we agreed on. Please note, it is not mandatory- if you have your own trusted or inhouse sewist in your area, I’d love to work with them too.

Technical drawings

I can provide you with detailed technical drawings in .pdf, basing on garment you already own. If you are considering this, I can also provide you with the latter:

Tech packs

Documentation of your design from technical side. Trims, finishes, methods of sewing. Your first step to communicate with manufacturer, to set pricing, to achieve what’s on the designer’s mind. Later on, you will need:

Spec sheets

When you get your samples from factory, first thing you do is measure it, to check if it is correct. This is when you need your spec sheet. It’s like insurance for your garment production.


Want to talk about your designs to industry insider? Need a hand with grading, or pattern making? Send me and email, what do you need help with, I will do my research, come back with an answer, so we can brainstorm it together.

3D visualizations 

Like everyone, I love learning new things, and when it comes to 3D, I’m still working on it :) If you’re not in a hurry, I’d love to take up an entry level job here, to improve a new skill.

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