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About Me

She/her I am a multidimensional fashion artist, inspired by human body and its needs.

As a creative force I specialize in women contour wear - lingerie, intimate apparel, sportswear, and performance wear (think bras, ballet tutus, burlesque, corsetry, catsuits, leotards, leggins). Every garment I create, I focus on function, comfort and personality. Am both designer and pattern maker, joining those two in individual approach to each and every project. Both creative design and technicalities, I’ve got you covered.

I believe in body inclusivity and enjoy jobs where I have ability to work with less popular sizes, and grade wider size sets. One of my dream jobs would working for adaptive fashion ​design and patterns.


As a queer person, I am more than happy to accommodate for all the queer folks needs. If you are trans or non binary, have harder relationship with your body, you can be sure it is a safe place here for you and your needs will be met with care.

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